The Package Guard protects your packages when you can’t

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The Package Guard

If you watched the news during the Christmas holidays you probably saw some video of a package being stolen off of someone’s porch. This is an all too common issue during the holiday season and is becoming more prevalent during the non-holiday times with online ordering and delivery growing. The Package Guard Kickstarter project hopes to add a layer of protection to your home package delivery. The Package Guard is a Frisbee-sized device that you leave by your door as a landing spot for your packages. Once the package is set on The Package Guard, it becomes armed and notifies you that a delivery has been made to The Package Guard via email or text message. Once armed, removing a package from The Package Guard activates an audible alarm and sends an alert to your smartphone. There are several pledge points for The Package Guard, with a pledge of $50 getting you The Package Guard. This project is seeking funding until April 8, 2016, and if successfully funded will ship in the September/October 2016 time frame.

4 thoughts on “The Package Guard protects your packages when you can’t”

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  2. This might work with my Regular Fed-Ex guy. He always is gentle with my packages, and places them nicely on my porch. My UPS guy is usually less than gentle, and often just tosses items down.

    I do owe my USPS driver a big Christmas tip tho. We just built a 300 gallon reef tank, and ordered 300lbs of sand, 200llbs of rock, about 200 lbs of salt. She brought the 50lb boxes of sand to the door and asked us, “What the hell did you order? Bags of Rocks and Sand?”…..yes actually that is exactaly what is in there.. I don’t think she expected that answer.

  3. Better idea would be to add a sign above it “this package sensor is armed with an explosive device. Unless disabled by the owner, any attempt to remove the object placed on it will result in death to the thief. If I can’t have it, no one will”.

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