Does your pitcher order its own replacement filters? This one does!

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Wouldn’t it be nice if all our consumables were always automatically replenished? That our furnaces would order and replace their own filters, that our printers would order and replace their own ink/laser cartridges and paper, that our refrigerators would order our staple food items, etc. Well, maybe we are one step closer to such a world with the Amazon Dash Replacement service and the Britta Infinity Smart Water Pitcher. By registering this WiFi enabled pitcher at, connecting it to your home WiFi network and signing up for Amazon Dash Replenishment through your Amazon account, this smart pitcher will sense when the filter nears its capacity (which is about 40 gallons) and automatically order a replacement filter for you. You can still control your orders and deliveries online according to Amazon. This pitcher is BPA free, has an easy-fill flip lid, and holds up to eight cups of filtered water. Ah yes, now there’s one less thing for you to worry about! Whew, I’ll bet that this is a huge weight off your shoulders, eh? Well, even if it isn’t, it’s still kind of cool. The Britta Infinity Smart Water Pitcher is available from Amazon for $44.99.

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