Keep a firm grip on your phone with Inslip

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As phones are getting sleeker, slimmer, and wider, they are also becoming more difficult not to drop. Trying to operate your phone with one hand can be a perilous task that ends in disaster.  Previously, the solution was to outfit your phone with a protective case, adding bulk and hiding the manufacturer’s intended aesthetic. Enter the Inslip, an add-on so simple and yet so effective. In brief, it is an elastic strap that will adhere to the back of your phone. With your fingers fitted through the strap, you can wield your phone one-handed with confidence. Importantly, its makers demonstrate the extreme strength of both the strap and the adhesive used to attach it in a number of “stretch tests”. When not in use, the Inslip will lay flat with a thickness of only 2.5mm, just enough to raise the phone off surfaces to provide some small measure of scratch protection. The strap’s material will also grip surfaces to stop your device from sliding around. If you’re interested, you can contribute to the Kickstarter campaign which will be completed on April 1. The Inslip is available in four sizes (small, medium, large, and tablet) and comes only in black for now (additional colors will be unlocked if the campaign gets enough backers). Each $10 pledge (first 10,000 backers) will earn you one Inslip in any size. Estimated delivery is May 2016.

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    1. There were just a couple distinguishing factors that I found between this and the multitude of elastic phone loops out there. First, the Inslip comes in variable sizes and is able to accommodate all your fingers and even your palm depending on what size you chose. I personally would find this more comfortable and secure than the currently available stick-on elastic phone straps which accommodate just a couple fingers. The other thing that drew me to the Inslip is the apparent strength of the materials and adhesive–they demonstrated the system supporting 41 lbs of tension in a their stretch-test video. I don’t know whether other products would support similar weight (doing a brief search, some look like they would, others look shaky), but the Inslip’s makers’ specific attention to strength and the subsequent demo give me enough confidence to actually consider trusting my expensive device to their product. My last thought is that I just found the Inslip to be more aesthetically pleasing: it’s really thin, it’s texturized, and it lays down flat completely. Hope that helps!

    2. Hi Jacqui, the main differences are its strength, it can also be applied to any device or case, it has a tremendous elasticity, and the sharkskin has a unique non-slip ability. Many friends confirm the trust in putting their phone the dashboard of their car and the phone staying put while driving. Nothing else on the market has all these features. Thanks for asking! John and Jeremy

  2. The antislip feature and strength are execellent features. It is also not restricted to any brand of phone or case, it is truely a universal product. Colors, textures and patterns are in design and with the communities help, in manufacturing within a month. The current design is ready for production, just waiting for the final quantities.

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