Updated Cableyoyo keeps your earbuds and small cables organized

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This January Bluelounge celebrates 10 years of simple design solutions aimed at cable organization by releasing an updated version of their very first product, the Cableyoyo (the original was reviewed by Judie Stanford right here at the Gadgeteer). The original was made of metallic-colored plastic, was square, had an adhesive to attach to a surface but could be easily detached for portability. The updated Cableyoyo is now made of soft silicone material in the shape of a small doughnut with a magnetic center that attracts and holds the earbuds (it will also organize small charging cables). Your earbuds unwind quickly by placing your finger in the center and pulling on the cable. The updated Cableyoyo is available from Bluelounge for $9.95 in dark grey, light grey, or lime green. I love the simple, elegant solutions that Bluelounge comes up with!

2 thoughts on “Updated Cableyoyo keeps your earbuds and small cables organized”

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  2. I have been searching all over for a cable holder that doesn’t add too much thickness to a phone, can hold earbuds on the back, can be easily removed if necessary, and doesn’t mar the back of the phone. I had something that used a suction cup that I bought back in 2014. But it kept falling off.

    This Cableyoyo looks promising, but it’s much too wide for a phone. If they made one that was 3 inches tall, but only an inch wide, it would be possible.

    However, I recently “invented” the following. I use two 3m Command rounded cord clips. They are positioned with the clips facing outward. The earbuds cord wraps around the clips without adding bulk.

    It doesn’t have a magnet to hold the buds in place. But there are some indications that a magnet near the newer iPhone 6, 6S, 6 Plus, and 6S Plus, can interfere with the image stabilization of the camera. So if the Cableyoyo was made thinner, it would have to lose the magnet.

    Here are some images that show the “invention.”


    1. Sandee – it is frustrating not being able to find exactly what you’re looking for especially when it seems like it should be commonplace. It happens to me all the time. It seems that you have made do with your own invention though – quite clever!

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