Finally, a levitating DeLorean you can own

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I love two things in life, my family and the Back to the Future trilogy. The Back to the Future movies have been my favorite since I was a child. They are the only movies that I never get sick of watching. I was recently perusing through IndieGogo when I saw the coolest Back the Future collectible ever.

A company called Kids Logic has a project for a 1:20 scale model DeLorean from Back to Future II. The model has a brushed stainless steel look and over 30 functioning LEDs. The wheels can be set to normal mode and flight mode.

What really makes this collectible remarkable is the fact it actually floats above the base via magnetic levitation. The base can be powered by a battery pack or optional A/C adapter.

For those of you interested, you can fund the project for $195 at its site. The project has an estimated delivery date of July 2016.

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