Technology Will Save Us wants to help you get hands on with tech

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Technology Will Save Us is a design-led company that makes kits to help people get more hands on with technology. Based in London, they offer DIY Gadget kits, activities and online resources that cater to anyone who wants to learn on things work. Founder and CEO Bethany Koby believes

“Making things in the real world using technology provides more immediate satisfaction, emotional and intellectual awareness and a deeper understanding of the skills learned.”

They offer kits like the DIY Gamer Kit which has all the parts and instructions to build your own “game boy” Arduino powered gaming device including programming the games! Another kit is called the Thirsty Plant kit, which will help you build a solar-powered moisture sensor to keep your plants healthy. Some of the kits are great for small kids because they don’t require a soldering iron to build them. Other kids are more advanced and do require additional tools like a soldering iron. They even offer education sets that include enough kits for a small classroom or club. The individual kits are priced from $25 up to $110. For more info visit

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  2. For some reason the link goes through a tracking website with a bad rep on Web Of Trust. (And then to the actual site in the link.)

    1. Hmmm, I’m not sure what is causing that. It has to be something on my site though because I can click the same link in the email that they sent and it works fine. But I get a blocked site due to advertising when I click on the link in the article using my day job laptop.

  3. If I copy the link location off the site, I get a 400-character URL starting with the domain ‘’. It doesn’t appear to be on other URLs on this site, but it seems to be a service that sites like this might use. (Interestingly, going to the base site doesn’t throw up the warning – it’s some intermediary redirect which actually gets it.)

    1. I use a service called which will create an affiliate link for sites like Best Buy, Amazon, etc. so that I earn a little money if someone happens to buy a product when they use a link on The Gadgeteer. I think this error might be coming from Skimlinks but I’ve not seen this happen before. I’ll contact them and have them take a look.

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