Scosche Rhythm+ heart rate monitor review

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I recently decided to start running jogging walking fast in an effort to get in better shape. My goal is to slowly work my way up to running, with the hope of participating in a Zombie Run (yeah it’s a thing). I’ve never been much of a runner and want to do this as safely as possible. With that in mind, I jumped at the opportunity to review the Scosche Rhythm+ heart rate monitor.


The Rhythm+ is a pretty simple device. It’s very similar in size to a smartwatch.

The top of the Rhythm+ contains a small LED indicator and a multi-function button, while the underside of the Rhythm+ contains the heart rate sensor and two charging terminals. Although it has a multi-function button, it doesn’t do anything other than turn the device on and off. In fairness, I guess you could say those are two different functions.


The package includes a small USB charging base.


To charge the Rhythm+, you simply snap it into the charging base. It takes about two hours to fully charge the device. The Rhythm+’s LED flashes red while charging and changes to solid blue when charged.



After the Rhythm+ is fully charged, you slip the device onto your arm. The user manual states, “Sensor should be on the inside or top of the forearm.” You then tighten the Velcro so the device is snug, but doesn’t cut off circulation. The Rhythm+ comes with two different sized straps to ensure you get a proper fit.

I found the Rhythm+ was very comfortable to wear. The strap is very soft and after a few minutes I forgot it was even on my arm.

Once you have the device fitted on your arm, you download an app to interact with the Rhythm+. This is were I ran into my only issue with the device. Scosche doesn’t appear to have its own fitness or heart rate app, but says it’s compatible with over 200 apps.

Finding a suitable app took me a little bit of time. While Scosche does provide a partial list of compatible apps, it doesn’t say whether the apps are paid or free. Additionally, several free fitness apps demanded I upgrade to a paid version to use the heart rate sensor. Eventually, I located a free app I could pair the sensor with, Polar Beat.

Once I selected the app, pairing the Rhythm+ was extremely easy. You enter into Polar Beat’s settings and select “HR Sensor”. If your Rhythm+ is powered up, it will show up in the sensor menu and allow you to pair with it.


Once paired, the Rhythm+ immediately begins transmitting your heart rate and the app displays it in the lower right cube.

While testing the Rhythm+, I was able to locate a second app that was also extremely easy to use with the sensor, RunDouble. Pairing the sensor in RunDouble was almost identical to Polar Beat and just as easy.

The heart rate sensor can also be paired with ANT+ devices, but I didn’t have access to any to test that ability.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the Rhythm+ appeared to be very accurate. I simultaneously took my heart rate using the Rhythm+ and my Moto 360 and got identical results. I also took my heart rate the old fashion way…by counting my pulse. When I did that, the results were within 5 beats per min of each other; I’m assuming the mismatch comes from an error on my end.

I thought the Rhythm+ was a great device. It was extremely easy to set up and wasn’t at all intrusive. It has a “barely there” fit, but still remains secure on your arm without slipping off. While this probably goes without saying, the Rhythm+ is also sweat and waterproof. At $79.00, it may not be the cheapest device, but I think it’s well worth the cost.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Scosche. Please visit their site for more information and Amazon to order.


Product Information

  • Bluetooth Smart or an ANT+ device
  • Easy setup
  • Easy to use
  • Accurate
  • Comfortable
  • May have to test several apps to find one right for you

10 thoughts on “Scosche Rhythm+ heart rate monitor review”

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  2. I have been using the Rhythm+ for a good few months and have found it to be very accurate and reliable. The fact that it is Bluetooth and Ant+ compatible is a great bonus. I have read some feedback stating accuracy issues with dark skin tones but for my lilly white arms the numbers seem to be bang on. Sometimes it is great not to have that tight HR band around my chest. The only draw back I have experienced is that fact that many chest strap HR monitors can now measure pace, stride count etc so I have to switch back to a dedicated stride sensor when using the Rhythm+ when running indoors. TLDR – it’s a great bit of kit and is very accurate.

  3. Hello, I couldn’t pair my Scosche Rhythm+ with Polar Beat App… The APP does not find the sensor. Any tips on how to get it going? I am currently using MapMyFitness but as I don’t want to pay for an upgrade I want to use polar beat so I can see the graphs… Thanks in advance for your help!

    1. Did u “release” the Rhythm+ from MapMyFitness? I am not sure if it will be a fix but I do know that sensors are often locked to an app and they need to be unpaired from that specific app or be “released” so they can pair with a different app.

      1. Thank’s for the advise Wayne. I did unpair the sensor from MapMyFitness and then tried to pair it to Polar Beat. But Polar Beat does not even find the sensor.

        Any other suggestions?


    2. When I used it mine paired immediately without issue. What type of phone do you have? Did it work with the other app, if so I would email Polar’s tech support. The issue could be the app.

  4. Hello Dennis,
    I have an iphone 6. And yes, it’s working fine with MapMyFitness, but I would like to see some graphs for free so I wanted to pair it up with Polar Beat. I’ll try contacting Polar’s tech support. Or do you know of any other free app that I can pair my Scosche Rhythm+ and get see my data in some graphic form for free??

    As well I would like to know what activity tracker to you recommend that can be paired with my the scosche rhythm+?

    Thanks for your help!!

    1. I have been a long time user of Wahoo fitness for gym, running and walking data collection and I export that data to Garmin Connect for graphs and monitoring (all free apps). Garmin connect offers various graphic reports (hmmm reports that are in graph form as opposed to being graphic… 🙂 ). Wahoo fitness is very configurable. Sorry I can’t give you better advice to pair with Polar Beat (I have used Polar Beat in the past and found it a little sensitive to pairing), maybe Wahoo/Garmin Connect can give you what you need.

  5. JOAO GABRIEL pereira lima roso

    I used it once. Then I put to charge and that nothing happened, , no lights on.
    Aftet, i turn on again and put to charge. The red light turned on and turned off. I Disconnected and then it does not turn on / works.
    And it did not work anymore. I need help

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