Collect your vitals with the BodiMetrics Performance Monitor

bodimetrics-performance-monitorI love to collect and analyze data, especially my health data. I like seeing the changes that take place as I make alterations to my exercise program or eating habits. The BodiMetrics Performance Monitor (this is how it is marketed in the United States; it is also known as the CheckMe Monitor according to Gizmodo) sounds like a promising device that will collect your ECG, blood oxygenation levels, temperature, and systolic blood pressure (the top number of your blood pressure, e.g. 110/70: systolic bp = 110). It also provides you with a medication alert and functions as a pedometer. By holding the device at heart level and placing your hand and fingers on the sensors of the monitor, the device will display your information within a minute. Body temperature is collected by placing the top edge of the device on your temple and moving it across your forehead (reading is completed in three seconds). All this information is transmitted via Bluetooth to their app on your iOS or Android device. The BodiMetrics Performance Monitor is due to be released any day now; the BodiMetrics website reported that it would be available by August in Bloomingdales and online for $249.

See the following video to view how the monitor works:

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  2. My husband has been having health/heart issues. When I heard about this on the Eric Metaxas show, I couldn’t wait to get it. The first one worked fine for a few weeks till pieces of fell off. Called about it and we were sent another – the owner’s with his own personal data on it! Sent it back and received another which did not work. We were sent another, the FOURTH, and it didn’t work past the first few days. Phone calls aren’t answered or returned. Now it sits on the counter, a very expensive reminder about personal monitors.

    1. Katherine – I’m sorry to hear about that! If it’s been under 90 days, you might call your credit card company to see if they provide purchase protection for the things you buy. It’s worth a try. There also might be something you can do through consumer protection agencies or the Better Business Bureau as well.

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