Free up blocked outlets on your power strips

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etekcity-1ftextension-cablesRaise your hand if you have power strip outlets that are covered up by obtrusively large or awkwardly shaped AC adapters? Yeah, me too. The Etekcity 10 pack of one-foot extension cables are what we need. These will add enough length to get those adapters out of the way to free up outlets or even give you just the right amount of added length for your devices or power strips to reach around your nightstand or bookcase to access the hidden outlet there. Each one-foot extension cord is 16AWG/13A and has a 3-pronged cable plug. This 10 pack is available from Amazon for $19.99 (try the code EXTEN6FF to get them for $13.99 – expiration date unknown).

12 thoughts on “Free up blocked outlets on your power strips”

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    1. @Smythe – this is why most of my furniture is about two to three inches away from the walls to access those outlets.

      Anyway, you need to take this to the Sharks to see if they will fund you! 🙂 Everyone needs wall-hugging plugs – hmm, maybe someone has already done this…

  2. I bought a product that looked EXACTLY like this on woot (back when woot was woot). The only problem was every single one was randomly wired. I think 2/10 were right. The others had hot grounds, reversed polarity. neutral grounds,etc. I’m sure these are better tho. It’s a great idea, (if wired right)

  3. Complaining that every Starbucks doesn t allow unlimited, unrestricted use of their power outlets is kind of like complaining about an all you can eat buffet that doesn t provide a vomitorium. Need to work on your computer?

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