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With each new iPhone release comes a bevy of new products and cases to accommodate them. The most common new items seem to be new phone cases and with new cases come new ideas on how to use the case to better enhance your lifestyle. The iStand 6 phone case from Esorun is one such case. As its name implies, the iStand 6 is a phone case that is a stand, but it is much more.

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Esorun iStand 6-2

As alluded to in my opening, besides being a simple iPhone 6 case/stand, the iStand 6 is also a 3500 mAh battery, a charging stand for your iPhone and a built-in SIM card holder.

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The iStand 6 comes with the following:

  • iStand 6 case
  • USB to micro USB charging cable
  • User guide
  • Earphone jack extension cable

The iStand 6 has the following technical specs listed on the Esorun website:

  • Capacity: 3500mAh.
  • Battery Cell: Li-Polymer.
  • Input: 5V-1A.
  • Output: 5V-1A.
  • Charging time: 3.5hours.
  • Dimension: 154(L)×74(D)×14.0(T)mm.
  • Weight: 95g.
  • Certificate: CE, RoHS, FCC, MFi
  • Warranty: 12 months.

Esorun iStand 6-4

When closed, the top of the iStand 6 has a cutout notch to help you easily open the case into the stand configuration.

Esorun iStand 6-5

The right side of the iStand 6 has a rubberized button that covers the on/off button on the iPhone 6. The button sticks out enough to allow for easy use of the button. The right side of the iStand 6 also has the Micro USB charging port in the lower corner.

Esorun iStand 6-6

The left side of the iStand 6 has a cutout for the mute switch and buttons for the volume up and down controls. The volume buttons work well, but I did find the cutout for the mute switch to be a little deep, which made it hard for me to use it.

Esorun iStand 6-7

The bottom of this case has a cut out to access the iPhone’s headphone jack. The included extension cable is a nice touch allowing you to use non-Apple EarPods with the iStand 6.

Esorun iStand 6-8

The front of the iStand 6 has two speaker openings at the bottom and the iStand 6 logo. Located inside the cutout for the iPhone is the lightning connector and the Esorun logo with tech info. On the upper right is the opening for the iPhones camera and in the upper left is the SIM card storage box. The SIM card storage box is a nice feature, but it is hard to open.

Esorun iStand 6-9

The back of the iStand 6 has the charge button and charging LEDs at the bottom of the case, two screws, and the cutouts for the hinged section of the case. At the top left of the case is the opening for the iPhones camera.

Esorun iStand 6-10

The button and four LEDs at the bottom of the case is the battery’s information and operations center. When charging, the LEDs will light up telling you how charged the battery is, each LED represents about 1/4 of the battery’s capacity. When the battery is charged pushing the button will tell you how much charge the battery has, this works with or without the phone being in the case. When the iPhone is in the iStand 6 case, pressing and holding the button for about 3-5 seconds will start charging your iPhone.

Esorun iStand 6-11

As its name implies, the iStand 6 is more than a phone case, it is also an iPhone stand. The stand works by folding the outer bezel of the case back to allow your phone and the iStand 6 to sit on it. When I first tried the stand feature, I worried that my iPhone would not be supported well, but after trying it out and seeing the tabs on the side of the case holding my phone in place, my worries subsided. So far, the bezel has stayed in place protecting my phone when I am not using the case as a stand.

So, what’s my bottom line here? As a backup battery phone case, I like the Esorun iStand 6 phone case. I can get about a full charge from the case for my iPhone when the battery is down to 10%. I don’t know how much I will use the stand feature on the case, but it is well designed and manufactured. A really smart feature on the iStand 6 is that the charging port for the battery is on the side of the case and not the bottom like a lot of other cases. Having the charging port on the side allows you to use the stand while you are charging the battery or your phone. At the time of this writing, you can get the Esorun iStand 6 on Amazon for $37.79, not a bad price for a multi-tasker like this.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Esorun. Please visit their site for more info or Amazon to buy one.


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