Keep your phone charged and your path lit with Cydekick

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If you’re cyclist and a gadget geek, I’ve found the perfect Kickstarter project for you. Cydekick is a generator you attach to your bike that allows you to power a high intensity LED headlight. Additionally, you can purchase a USB hub allowing you to charge a phone, GPS, or action camera. It works using electromagnetic induction; the more you pedal, the more juice you generate.

The Cydekick comes in two different models, Pro and Mini. The Pro model includes the generator, USB output for phone charging, and a high intensity LED headlight. The Mini model is for those only interested in a headlight and does not include the USB output option. The goal for both models is to generate 5 volts and .5 amps. Those numbers aren’t going to charge your device very fast, but it will get the job done given enough time.

The project can be backed here, with funding starting at $150 for the Mini model. The Mini model is estimated to ship in July 2016, while the Pro model will ship in September 2016. For more information visit the project’s site.

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