ORICO has a 4 port USB charging station WITH cable management


Oh, how I absolutely despise tangled messes of cables and believe that they are the bane of gadget and electronics lovers everywhere. Numerous power-hungry gadgets fill our modern day lives and until we can completely rid ourselves of cables, we need charging/organizational solutions like the ORICO 4 Port Desktop Charging Station (DCP-4US). This charging station provides a total output of 35W and has four super-charging USB outlets. These USB ports will determine your device’s optimum input and provide it accordingly, up to 2.4 amps. This charging station measures 10.23″ long x 8.86″ wide and can also be opened to house and organize your cables. When the top is replaced, it functions as a place to put your devices while they charge. The  ORICO 4 Port Desktop Charging Station (DCP-4US) is available from Amazon for $29.99. Please visit the ORICO website for more information.

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