Decadent Minimalist DM1 wallet review

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The trend for minimalist wallets continues with no end in sight. All you have to do is search Kickstarter for the keyword “wallet” and you’ll see what I mean. Speaking of Kickstarter and minimalist wallets, I have a new one to show you today. It’s the Decadent Minimalist DM1 wallet. If that name sounds familiar to you, it’s because the Decadent Minimalist DM1 wallet was a successfully funded project from 2014. Now Erik Moon is back with Nickel, Titanium and Carbon Fiber versions of the DM1. You’re going to want one or two or three.

Note: Note: Images can be clicked to view a larger size.


Like the original DM1, these new versions are made from solid blocks and plates of either Nickel, Titanium or Carbon Fiber. They are then shaped using a CNC (computer numerical control) milling machine into 4, 8 and 12 card sized wallets like the one that you see above. I was sent an 8 card Titanium version of the DM1.


Erik’s design is so unique that it does not require rubber bands, Velcro, magnets or any other type of fastener to hold the cards in the wallet.


The DM1 has a channel that holds the cards and special rounded edges on the ends that lock the cards in place with a satisfying click sound. The DM1 will even hold one card if that’s all you have. But it’s best to fill it so that cards don’t jiggle around.


All the edges are smooth so that they won’t snag on clothing or fingers. The cards slide in and out with ease just by applying pressure to the top card with your thumb.


It looks like the cards should fall out of the wallet, but they don’t. The inside rails are thinner than the rounded ends that hang over the corners of the cards. There’s just enough of the ends to hold the cards in place.


Here are a couple more close ups.


For a better idea how you use the DM1 wallet, check out one of Erik’s videos:

It really is that easy to use.


You might wonder what to do with your cash. Erik thought of that and created a money clip that slides into the DM1.


The money clip does increase the bulk of the DM1 wallet though. I didn’t like using it because the one that was sent to me has a rectangular cutout that doubles as a bottle opener. This cut out makes it difficult to slide folded cash under the clip because the edge of the bills get caught on the cutout. Erik tells me that he’s considering a different shape for the cutout in the money clip.


The cool thing about the Decadent Minimalist DM1 wallet is that you can have two card faces displayed. One on top and one on the bottom. The DM1 is also so light weight that I forgot that I had it in my back jeans pocket one day when I started looking in my bag for the wallet. I almost panicked when I couldn’t find it only to realize that it was in my pocket the whole time.

The only things that would make the DM1 even better for me would be a way to hold a few of those little plastic loyalty cards and a way to hold some cash without using the money clip. But as it is, the Decadent Minimalist DM1 wallet is a very well designed and well made minimalist wallet that will hold your cards in style and ease. People will want to know what it is when they see you use it and hear the cards click in.

So let’s talk pricing. The Nickle version is $55, the Titanium version is $90 and the Carbon Fiber version of the DM1 is priced at $199. Engraving and the money clip are options for an additional charge. Estimated shipping is for September and the good news is that this Kickstarter project has already greatly surpassed the funding goal.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Decadent Minimalist. Please visit their site for more info and Kickstarter to pre-order.


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11 thoughts on “Decadent Minimalist DM1 wallet review”

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  2. How exactly do the cards stay inside the rails? I can’t picture it…

    I’m a huge kickstarter junkie and currently rotating thru 3 of my favourite wallets and have another carbon-fiber / magnetic one that is getting funded 🙂
    Several of them come super close to hitting all the marks- but as a gadgeteer… the hunt for 100% never ends ;p

    1. @anson The inside rails are thinner than the rounded ends that hang over the corners of the cards. There’s just enough of the ends to hold the cards in place. I just updated the review to add some closeups shots that hopefully help you see how it works.

  3. can you show a picture that have 5 card and money tuck between. he say we can do it, but icant found any picture

    1. @vinh I don’t think a picture like you’re describing will really let you see anything because the money will not show up because it isn’t as long as the cards. Does that make sense? You can put folded money between the cards, but it’s not a very good solution because the money might accidentally fall out when you try to access the cards.

  4. @Julie,
    Responding to a review on the Gadgeteer, I participated in a Kickstarter project for “liquid wallet”. I’ve had this wallet for over a two years. What I like about the “liquid wallet” is that it has room for 4 keys – or 3 keys and a pen knife. It fits about the same number of credit cards as the “decadent minimalist – maybe one or two more. However, because it has a strap to hold things in place, you can fit more credit cards, plus cash.

    Off hand, I think that the Liquid Wallet is a superior product. They also make a minimalist key caddy.

    1. Considering the wallet is CNC machined from solid billet, and made in the USA, I think it’s very reasonably priced. I bought the 8 card aluminum model in the first campaign and I’ve bought another in the second campaign. Considering it will last forever, I don’t see the cost as prohibitive. I’ve been through 4 different minimalist wallets trying to find the right one, and my search stopped with the DM1.

  5. Dear Friend,

    With all due respect, most of the wallets that you review are crap, exept for Bellroy, SF Bags etc, in my humble opinion most of the American people just don’t get it, there is something in their mind that attract them to in some cases very stupid thing, sorry my friend, but the best minimal wallet are not American made, please take a look at the Deuce Diamonds Slim Wallet, and the Simple me wallet, nothing in the US come even close to the design and practicality of them, if you want a real good minimal wallet go to etsy

    1. I just googled Deuce Diamonds Slim Wallet and the Simple me wallet and neither of those wallets are what I would consider to be a minimalist wallet. They are a lot bulkier than the Decadent DM1 wallet. If you’re going to do a comparison, you need to compare apples to apples…

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