Turn a pad of Post-it Notes into a handy pocket notebook


Smartphones are great for a variety of tasks, but for taking notes, nothing beats good old-fashioned pen and paper. Pen and paper don’t need batteries, special styluses, etc. My favorite notebooks are small pocket sized offerings from Field Notes and Moleskine. I even made my own leather pocket notebook holder from leather which I use every day. But being the stationary geek that I am, I can’t help but love the idea of using an ordinary pad of Post-it Notes as my daily tasks notebook. The NoteShel is a refillable Post-it Note holder that effectively turns a pad of the standard 3″ x 5″ sticky notes into a full-fledged notebook with a cover and pen that attaches to the holder with magnets. The Note Shel features a sturdy rubber casing that is available in five colors which protects the Post-it Note stack from getting dog-eared in your pocket. The Note Shel is priced at $19.99 through Amazon which I think is way too expensive, but if you’re interested in learning more, go to Noteshel.com.

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12 thoughts on “Turn a pad of Post-it Notes into a handy pocket notebook”

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  2. That’s pretty neat idea! We love post-it notes here at the studio. Definitely going to get a few for the employees! Wish it was close to the $10 mark though.

      1. At least the pen uses standard Parker refill and not some proprietary one. I just ordered one to see how the quality is before investing in more for the employees.

      2. I would agree – it is a bit expensive, but is a nice accessory. Maybe good as a gift.

        For me, I stick a short stack to Post-Its to the back of my work ID badge and keep my pen in my shirt pocket. Not as nice, but definitely cheap.

    1. I prefer a Field Notes or Moleskine Cahier notebook to a stack of index cards only because I find the binder clip to be too fiddly to use when I’m in a hurry. I sometimes use a mini binder clip as a pseudo wallet. I clip my credit card, driver’s license and some cash so I don’t have to carry a full wallet. It works great but unclipping and reclipping can get tedious – at least for me.

  3. Ok just got this in the mail. Construction is pretty sturdy. Only physical issue that I could tell would be where the flexible plastic bends back. Not sure about the longevity of that. The pen is pretty good and comes with a no-brand Parker style ink. Comes with 1 pack of no-brand Post-it Notes. The magnets that closes the case requires the pen to be in the slot since it uses the 2 metal ends for the magnet to stay on. The magnet won’t work if you flip the cover around to the back. The “case” also fits standard 3×5 index cards with no problem. I would give this a $10 price point and at most $15. I’ll see how the hinge area holds up over time.

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