Sleepace unveils Nox smart sleep system


Late last year I reviewed the Sleepace RestOn sleep monitor and found it to be easy and comfortable to use because it didn’t require a wearable tracker. Now the folks at Sleepace have a new product called the Nox Smart Sleep System which combines the RestOn non-wearable sleep monitor with their new Nox smart sleep light. When used with the Sleepace application on your mobile device, it will turn your bedroom into a more sleep-friendly environment using light and sound programs. The Nox smart sleep light will help you fall asleep faster and the smart alarm feature will help you to wake up easier the next morning. With the data collected from Nox and RestOn, the Sleepace app will help you understand how your sleeping environment impacts the  quality of your sleep and can make smart suggestions to improve your sleeping experience. The Nox Smart Sleep System will be priced at $279.97 and will be available September 2015 from and If you already have the RestOn system, you can purchase the Nox separately for $129.99.

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