2nd generation Nest Protect available for pre-order

Nest Protect

As I’ve stated before, I love smart home products. I’m not entirely sure if it’s laziness or the cool factor, but I love having the ability to control things from my smartphone. Nest recently announced a redesign of its Nest Protect fire alarm. I have the original Nest Protect at home and was excited to hear about its redesign (as excited as one can get over a fire alarm).

The second generation Nest Protect claims to be 11 percent smaller, longer lasting, and easier to install. Nest also states the Nest Protect uses a new sensor that will be able to differentiate between different types of fires. Finally, the LED ring now shines brighter and alarms can be cleared from your smartphone.

The second generation Nest Protect is listed for $99.00 on Nest’s website, but Best Buy is taking pre-orders for $79.00.

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  2. These things are Amazeballs! I’m about 15 minutes from home when I get an email from my Nest Protect that smoke has been detected in the house. Nobody’s home, Wife left something on stove that is about to catch fire. Call Neighbor have him get into house and shut off cooktop. Disaster averted. Wife contrite, promises never to do it again. Domesitc Bliss Ensues.

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