Carry your charging cables inside your Connector Pen

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Are you tired of having to lug around a bunch of charging cables just in case one of your devices needs a quick charge during the day?  Carry the Connector Pen in your pocket, and you’ll have charging cables, a ballpoint pen, and a stylus in one compact package.  The pen has a sleek, black,  brushed-aluminium body with a stylus at one end; twist the pen, and the ballpoint emerges through the stylus.  Pull the pen apart, and you’ll find a microUSB-to-USB connector inside.  If you have Apple products, don’t worry, because there’s also a microUSB-to-Lightning adapter in there, too.  The multi-functional Connector Pen is $25 at GadgetFlow.

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  2. This makes me think it’s a prop from the 1960’s original mission impossible. I can picture Greg Morris sneaking it into a super villains dooms day machine.

      1. They are all on Netflix. I’m a tad too young to have seen them when they came out. But I love watching them on my lunch breaks. I love how the actually show every step. Developing the film. Wiring the remote control, etc. And almost everything they did could actually be done with the technology at the time. No fictitious laser guns, or hand held super gizmos.

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