Living Stone Pillows help you sleep like a rock

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You’ve no doubt heard the term “I slept like a rock” haven’t you? Well the Living Stone Pillows bring that saying to life. They are a collection of pillows that have fabric that has been printed to make them look just like pebbles, stones and rocks from nature. The zippered pillow covers are made of anti-pilling polar fleece and are filled with cotton batting. You can save some money by buying the pillows without any stuffing. Prices start as low as $80 for three very basic grey colored stone pillows and go up to $156 for the space rock collection that contains six pillows of various sizes. Those prices are for pillows without any stuffing. Add $50 for the 3pc sets and $100 for the 6pc sets if you want them stuffed. At least shipping is free to the US. Visit LivingPillow for more info.

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