Protect your Apple Watch while it charges

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Most charging stands for the Apple Watch leave the Watch hanging or laying open and unprotected, but the WatchKeeper is a leather-bound rigid, protective storage box with the magnetic charging cable completely contained inside.  The Watch lays in a EVA foam protective tray and is further protected by the EVA foam lining inside the top of the closed box; a microfiber lining protects the Watch from scratches.  The WatchKeeper is compatible with both the 38mm and 42mm sizes, and it works with the Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and the Apple Watch Edition models.  Proper says their WatchKeeper works with all bands, but I’m not sure how it would work with the bands that don’t open flat, like the Milanese or the Link bracelet.

Proper is taking pre-orders for the WatchKeeper now, with shipping expected in 4-6 weeks.  It is available in your choice of black or tan leather exterior for $59.95 from Proper.

4 thoughts on “Protect your Apple Watch while it charges”

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  2. Janet help me here.

    What situation do you foresee that would require the watch to be protected in this way. It’s not like the watch is in a jewelry box with other items likely to scratch it. It’s hanging nicely on a nightstand.

    Unless there’s an earthquake overnight, I just don’t see the need.

    Janet, you already own an Apple watch. Do you see a need?

    1. Do you have a cat? Have you ever seen a cat take a flying leap from the bed to the top of the curtain rods – only to crash land on the nearby furniture, knocking everything to the floor? Or had a curious pet or child who liked to collect things to hide down the forced-air heating vents? Having the watch “hidden” in a closed box could prevent damage as it crashed to the floor or remove the temptation from the curious “collector”.

      I’m just writing news posts about items that some people may find useful. It doesn’t mean that I am encouraging people to buy each and everything I write about, or that I would find everything useful. For example, I neither drink nor camp, but I write about items for both activities. I would never buy items for either activity, but I understand that some people might be interested.

  3. Janet,

    You had me at “Do you have a cat?”

    Yes, and my cat loves to zero in on something on the nightstand and see how many pushes it takes to knock it on the floor. And then watch in wonder as it falls. And then pretend that it moved all by itself. And then look at me to pick it up, put it back, and start the game again.

    Yes, I see the need.

  4. For me this case isn’t for use at home, but instead for when I am away from home and not able to use my charging stand (I’m currently using an everdock combo phone and watch charger at my bedside. but when away I have nothing to keep the watch safe or to kept watch in a good position to charge…so for me this is perfect..

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