Charge your smartphone wirelessly with these small adapters

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Last month I published a news post making fun of a special wireless charging receiver for PMA style wireless chargers. I didn’t see the point of such a device which seemed to offer no benefits over a regular USB cable because the adapter was so bulky and clunky. Then today Brando sent me news about a similar product that he’s offering on his site for smartphones with micro USB and lightening connectors. These adapters work with Qi charging pads instead of PMA (Powermat) chargers. I’d be more likely to buy and use these adapters from Brando because they are smaller and half the price of the other ones. These adapters are only designed to work with smartphones though, which is a little disappointing because I’d love to use one to charge my tablets like my iPad mini, Samsung Tab and Nexus 7. One of these small adapters would be neater and more tidy than a tangled cable. You can find these adapters for $25 each at

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      1. @Julie,
        You can go ahead and buy it for your tablet, there is no locking mechanism that would prevent you from using it. However, unless the connector is slightly bent, you’ll need to put your phone or tablet on a stand with the same thickness as you charger to apply the adapter on the charger.

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