Moff Band is a smart wearable toy for kids (and adults who don’t want to grow up)


When I was a kid, we didn’t have smartphones, tablets, hand held game consoles or the internet to entertain us. We had to use our imagination. Sticks became swords and cardboard boxes became forts. Help your kids ignite their creativity and imagination with the Moff Band, a successfully funded Kickstarter project from last year. It’s a wearable slap style bracelet that pairs with an iOS device to turn gestures and items in your hand into toys with sound. Turn a broom into an electric guitar, your hair brush into a ping pong paddle, a ruler into a magic wand and more. The app lets you pick the sound so that movements turn into fun sounds. Pair two Moff Bands with one iOS device and the sounds sync for two player fun. The Moff Band is priced at $54.99. For more info visit or Amazon to order.

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