Replace your existing bulbs with Philips LED bulbs for less than $3 per bulb

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Home Depot is offering a 2-pack of Philips 60W-equivalent Soft White A19 LED Light Bulbs for $4.97.  These bulbs use 8.5W and produce 800 lumens of 2700K light.  Philips says they use 85% less energy compared to a standard incandescent 60-Watt light bulb and cost about $1.02/year to use (assuming 3 hours of use/day at 11 cents/kWH).  These particular LED bulbs are rated at 10,000 hours, but it still seems like a pretty good deal considering each bulb is only about $2.50 in this package.  At this price, it might be a good way to start converting all your fixtures to LED bulbs.  The Philips 60W-equivalent Soft White A19 LED Light Bulbs are available for order now at Home Depot, but they won’t ship until May 7.

4 thoughts on “Replace your existing bulbs with Philips LED bulbs for less than $3 per bulb”

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    1. I thought I read a review recently of it compared to Ikea and many other LED’s on the market, and it was listed as dimmable. The review listed it as humming a bit when dimmed.

  2. It says on the box pictured above that it’s “non-dimmable”. Still sounds like a good deal for those non-dimming fixtures in the house.

    1. I would agree, however you need to verify that all your “non-dimming” bulbs are 100% physically switched devices. Most modern remote control lights use solid state relays and/or high voltage transistors/regulators. Non dimming LED bulbs do not play well with these. These also include most (newer) motion sensing lights. It’s often easy to tell if you have these tho. Looks for a faint glow in the LED bulb while the light is “off” or a very faint buzz or tick while the light is off. If you do put non-dimming bulbs in one of these devices you will often end up with a flickering bulb, and/or very short life of the LED bulb.

      So Great deal if you can use them, Bad deal if you inadvertently murder them.

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