This unique retro lantern can light your way, light your room, or charge your phone


The Barebones Canyon Lantern has a retro style, but it’s loaded with modern features.  The lantern has two 8W rechargeable lithium-ion batteries inside that are more resistant to cold weather than alkaline batteries.  It has a stainless steel, plastic, and rubber body and a handle that can be used to carry, to stand it on a tabletop, or to hang the lantern in your tent.  With the cone pushed flush, the Lantern works as a flashlight.  Pull the cone out, and it functions as ambient lighting.  The 5W Cree LED bulb produces 3000K light with an adjustable output of 100 to 200 lumens.  It comes with an AC charger; batteries require 2-3 hours charging time and produce 3 hours of light at the high setting or up to 80+ hours at the low setting.  There’s a 5V, 1.5A (max) USB jack on the back where you can charge your phone, too.  The Barebones Canyon Lantern would be a great camping companion or emergency-preparedness device for the home.  The Canyon Lantern is $79.99 from Barebones.

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  • Randy Simpson April 11, 2015, 4:10 pm

    Will it recharge my power ring, too? Seriously, this looks very interesting and I’m in the market for a new lantern. I really like the retro look. Also, I love the idea of not having to buy alkaline D batteries for the lantern I’ve got.

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