Griffin introduces a new multi-device charging station

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CES 2015 is underway, and Griffin Technology is there to introduce their new products.  They have unveiled an update to the PowerDock 5 that we reviewed at The Gadgeteer a couple of years ago.  The PowerDock Pro still has five charging slots that are sized to fit five devices, Android or Apple iOS, smart phone or tablet – even cased devices.  Each charging slot will provide 12W to charge even power-hungry tablets, and cable storage/organization is built in under the top to keep your desk or countertop neat.  The PowerDock Pro will be $129.99 when it’s released in Fall 2015.  The PowerDock 5 was a good charging station, but the PowerDock Pro promises to add extra charging power per slot and cord organization to your setup.  The Griffin Technology PowerDock Pro is the perfect solution for the household with multiple devices.

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