WiebeTech Mouse jiggler, Krups Espresso machine, Waka Waka Power Charger, Auggiedog Pooper Scooper and more – Gadget review updates

Many of you have asked for us to update our reviews with our experiences and thoughts weeks, months and even years after the review was originally posted. This way you will know if the product can survive long term. So you asked for it and now we’re delivering. Here are the first batch of reviews that have updates at the end. I plan to post this type of updated reviews link list on a regular basis. Probably once a week.

WiebeTech Mouse Jiggler Review by Morgan Bornstein
Krups XP1000 Solo Steam Espresso Machine review by Morgan Bornstein
WAKA WAKA POWER Charger review by Morgan Bornstein
Auggiedog Automatic Pooper Scooper review by Morgan Bornstein
Keyway Designs Safari hybrid iPhone 5/5S case review by Morgan Bornstein
Grovemade iPhone charging dock review by Morgan Bornstein
IDAPT i4+ universal charger review by Morgan Bornstein

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