The Spire activity tracker knows when you’re stressed

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I have a fascination with activity trackers. I’m definitely not an athlete, but I still enjoy tracking my steps and other fitness information as a way to monitor how active I am or usually how active I’m not. I’ve reviewed so many trackers that I’ve lost count and it seems that there’s an announcement for a new tracker at least once week. At this point most trackers on the market share the same set of features. They track your steps, calories burned and sometimes sleep and heart rate. The Spire activity tracker is different in a couple of ways. Yes, it tracks your steps, but it also tracks your breathing patterns. That’s right, it knows when you take a breath even if the tracker is clipped to your belt. The Spire tracker uses this information to sense your stress levels. It then suggests breathing exercises using a mobile app which will help you calm down and focus. The tracker also knows if you’re sitting, standing or lying down, so it can motivate you to get up and move. One other cool feature is that it can be charged wirelessly on any Qi charging pad. The Spire activity tracker is up for pre-order for $119 with anticipated shipping this month. Visit Spire for more info.

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