Hive73 has a deck that organizes all the peripherals you need for your Mac Pro

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The Mac Pro is sleek and beautiful, and it looks great on your desk.  (Click the image for a better view.)  All the peripherals you attach to it may not look so beautiful cluttered around your desk top, though.  Hive73 created a beautiful, compact aluminum deck that neatly arranges those devices to keep your work space looking as sleek as the Pro.  The MacPro Deck is made of 5000 series aluminum, so it looks great with your Apple Thunderbolt display.  It measures 14.25” wide X 9.5” tall X 9.5” deep, and Hive73 says its 126 sq. inch footprint provides a “perfectly uncluttered factory of creative tools”, based on the average desktop area of 1800 sq. inches.  It weighs 9.2 pounds, so it won’t be tipping over, and it has a shelf that can be adjusted to provide the perfect arrangement for your particular set of peripherals.  The top has a textured pad to protect your mobile devices from scratches, and the Deck comes with a hanger to keep your headphones out of harms way.  A cutout in the side allows the Deck to nestle right up against your Mac Pro, which can make hiding wires easier.  The MacPro Deck is $173.00 from Hive73.

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