Pop open a cool beverage and relax while your device charges

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The GoBuddy Charge/Sync Cable + Bottle Opener from Kanex hangs on your key ring or sits in a pocket until you need to charge your device or until you need to open a beverage.  The 1.85″ USB cable and the 1.81″ device connector cable fold neatly away around the GoBuddy when you don’t need them.  When you need to charge or sync a device, you open up the cables and plug in.  The GoBuddy also incorporates a bottle opener, because every pocket tool needs to be multi-functional, right?  Choose between a microUSB version for $19.95 or a Lightning version for $24.95.  Both models are available in black or white and both come with a carabiner to attach the GoBuddy to a keychain or bag strap.  Learn more about the GoBuddy Charge/Sync Cable + Bottle Opener at Kanex.

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