Lock up your expensive wine and liquor bottles

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Roommates, cleaning staff, house guests – it doesn’t matter who, but you may find you need a way to prevent someone from drinking your expensive wines and liquors.  If you don’t have a locking cabinet, or if you don’t mind people helping themselves to some but not all of your bar stock, you can use the Tantalus Wine/Liquor Bottle Lock to protect the spirits you want to reserve for only special occasions.  You just place the lock over the bottle’s neck, press in the spring-loaded cartridge, and remove the key.  Each Tantalus lock comes with two keys.  The Tantalus Wine/Liquor Bottle Lock is $18.99 each at the Cork Online store.

2 thoughts on “Lock up your expensive wine and liquor bottles”

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  2. This reminds me of a funny story with my sister and her daughter (then in high school).

    My sister lived in a huge apartment with an entire second apartment attached by a small door that my father had lived in.

    When my father died, my niece moved into the second apartment to take over his rather large (for NYC standards) bedroom.

    My sister was cleaning out the refrigerator in the second apartment where she discovered a bottle of vodka. She called me to tell me about it.

    I told her to pour out a bit of the vodka, and add water to bring it back to the original amount.

    Then, for the next few weeks, every time the bottle got used, my sister would repeat the process.

    Eventually there was much more water than vodka.

    Either her daughter never noticed or she didn’t want to say anything.

  3. The average bottle of wine in my house costs $11, Sits on the shelf for months, and then is consumed by guests. I think I would have to start drinking/enjoying and buying more expensive wines.

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