Here’s the perfect tool for eating ramen!


Unlike a spork with just the suggestion of fork tines on the front of the spoon’s bowl, the Ramen Spoon/Fork has a spoon bowl with actual tines sticking off the front.  MOMA says this fork is designed for eating ramen noodles.  It was designed for MOMA by Masami Takahashi and originally “created for use at the popular Sugakiya ramen noodle restaurant chain in Japan”.  When eating ramen in a restaurant, often both a spoon (to scoop up the broth) and disposable chopsticks (to grab the noodles) are used.  These spoons will eliminate the waste of the disposable chopsticks, because you can grab the noodles with the tines.  The MOMA Store offers the Ramen Spoon/Fork in a set of two for $28 for non-members or $25.20 for members.  Buy several and give them to all the college students you know for the holidays this year!

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