Sit comfortably in front of your computer, even if you don’t have a desk

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Sitting at a desk while working on a laptop or desktop computer can be very tiring.  If your desk height and chair height aren’t right for you, you can get back and neck pain, and you can even develop carpal tunnel problems with your wrists.  You can take the desk out of the equation with Mobo’s Computer Station.  Their “Five Star Ergonomic Keyboard Tray” (voted five stars by users) clamps onto your office chair’s arms.  It promotes healthy, natural body posture, which in turn reduces stress and strain on your muscles.  You’ll be more comfortable whether you’re working, surfing, or gaming.  It works perfectly as the only desk you’ll need for a laptop, or you’ll find it works equally well with the wireless keyboard and mouse for your desktop computer.  The Mobo Computer Station is available for $79.95 at Mobo, or you can get it for $75.24 from Amazon.

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  2. …sit there and eat your peas!

    It is not easy to get up out of the chair…you have to lift the whole tray with computer and mouse, get out of the chair then put that tray somewhere (maybe back on the armrest) then reverse this to get back in the chair.

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