This game not only improves your child’s memory, it helps him remember family members

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I’ve heard of people who make little photo books for their young children that contain pictures of their family members who live far away.  The child may not see Grammy very often, but she’ll be familiar with Grammy’s face from looking at the photo album and talking with her parents about the pictures as they “read” the book to the child.  This Memory Game from Pinhole Press takes this concept and adapts it for slightly older children.  Playing games where the child has to find matching pairs of cards improves his memory skills, and this game simply replaces the pictures of animals or fruits and veggies with pictures of family members or pets.  Choose twelve pictures to personalize this card game.  And you know, it’s not just for children.  It would make a wonderful gift for grandparents or aunts and uncles, too.  A set of personalized Memory Cards is $19.99 from Pinhole Press.

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