Neolid Twizz is a travel cup with a twist

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The Neolid Twizz is a plastic 12 ounce cup made in France of light weight, waterproof and insulating plastic. So far that sounds pretty boring right? The interesting feature of this cup is the specially designed twisting lid that opens and closes with a twist. The lid opens like an iris or camera shutter and can be used with or without a straw, making it great for travel and kids. You can learn more about Twizz cups at They can be purchased from Newegg for is $16.80 or eBay for less than $10.

3 thoughts on “Neolid Twizz is a travel cup with a twist”

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  2. Newegg site says these are from Taiwan, ebay says they are made in China. Neither of these sites plus Neolid seem to say what kind of plastic is used. Once China drops into the equation I become nervous.

  3. Hi,
    TWIZZ, the original one made in France in on sale on Newegg and other sales chinese copies ! Please help us to fight copies !
    Nicolas FROLIN
    inventor of TWIZZ and founder of neolid

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