FOOTbrake – Folding “shoes” for cyclists that fit in a jersey pocket


Hardcore cyclists wear special shoes with cleats that hook into the pedals of their bicycles. These cleats make it difficult to walk around when they stop for a break during a ride. The FOOTbrake is a pair of thin flip-flop style sandals that fold up and store in a water resistant cinch sack that can fit into the cyclist’s jersey pocket. With these folding shoes, a cyclist can enjoy a break from both bicycle riding and wearing cleats. FOOTbrakes come in men’s and women’s sizes and are priced at $30.00. Visit FOOTbrake for more info.

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5 thoughts on “FOOTbrake – Folding “shoes” for cyclists that fit in a jersey pocket”

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  2. i bought these knowing they are not for a real road cyclist…..they are not so portable or light. doubt they would fit in any road jersey pocket. It comes in a in a drawstring pouch. if i ride w a touring rack i would probably bring them. The price is reasonable as well.

  3. I used these when I was taking breaks on a weekend charity ride. For lunch on one of the days, we had to rack our bikes far from the food tent and the FOOTbrakes came in handy. I have to disagree with npeckio, I found them to be very portable and light. I kept them in the drawstring pouch and they easily fit into the middle pocket of my road jersey. I could even fit my phone in the same pocket. They did not feel cumbersome in the jersey pocket at all, and I road two days with them in there. Highly recommend them.

  4. hi
    i just got a weight on them its 293 gms, more then a half a pound. that is a lot to me and other serious cyclists. i do 3000-5000 miles/year here in north jersey. if i was casually touring, not working out,or a charity ride i would bring them as i purchased them for such an activity. i also checked they… Do fit in my jersey…my mistake. but thats still too much weight to ignore for me. my iphone weight is 170 gms. i guess we all have different views on light and portable. when i do my daily work out ride , 20 miles, they dont come with me, the shoes. i wish they could as i dont want to ruin my carbon soles. i bought them for touring etc.

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