A minimal TV remote control for the tech phobic


I’ve seen one of those funny, captioned pictures you so often see on the internet with one of those big, multi-buttoned TV remotes that some one had fixed for their grandmother to use.  They had taped over every button except for the power, channel up/down, and volume up/down so their less than tech-savvy family member couldn’t get themselves into a setup screen from which they couldn’t watch TV – necessitating a tech service call to the family’s go-to person.  If you provide tech service for the family and have someone who just can’t handle the multi-function remotes, or perhaps you have a child who likes to use the remote during their allowed TV time, then you may want to order a couple of Tek Pal TV remotes.  Hedonics calls this the “easiest to see and use universal remote on the market.”  You’ll use a simple four-step automated setup process to program the remote for virtually any TV.  The remote has only a few buttons, big enough for even older eyes to easily see:  power, mute, volume up/down, channel up/down.  The Tek Pak Simplest TV Remote is $24.99 at Hedonics.

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3 thoughts on “A minimal TV remote control for the tech phobic”

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  2. Personally I’d put a number dial on there as well – for ‘go straight to channel’ – but I admit I kinda like the idea.

    1. @DStaal I think the would need a digital number dial though… otherwise it would be almost impossible to make a dial with over 1000 channel numbers that DirecTV and other providers have.

  3. By ‘number dial’ I mean a number pad, like on a phone. I realized when I re-read my comment I was stating it poorly, sorry. 😉

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