Turn your sun visor tactical with the MOLLE Visor Panel from Zulu Nylon Gear

Not enough spaces to organize and store the essentials in your urban (or rural) assault vehicle? Maybe you’d like to keep a glass breaker, seat belt cutter, small flashlight, pen or other tools within easy reach. Check out Zulu Nylon Gear’s MOLLE Visor Panel. Designed to wrap around and adjust to your car’s sun visor, it is made from MIL-SPEC nylon materials and features a MOLLE grid with elastic for smaller items and loop tape (to display your favorite patches) on one side and elastic loops and sleeve pockets on the reverse side for larger items. Sewn in Chicago, USA, it is available in Foliage (pictured), Black, and Coyote Brown for $40 each, Multicam camo for $42 and ATACS camo for $44. Drive over to Zulu Nylon Gear for more info.

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