Signal your intentions with the Biking Glowes


Bicycles don’t usually come with lights on them, and the add-on kits are usually either reflectors or lights that just alert drivers that someone is cycling in front of them.  During the day, you can use the hand signals you learned in driver’s ed classes to indicate when you will be making a turn, but hand signals can’t be seen at night and bikes don’t usually have blinkers.  With this kit and your own gloves, you can make a pair of Biking Glowes (not a typo) that give hand signals a new meaning.  The DIY kit comes with LED beads, conductive thread, coin cell batteries and holders, and instructions.  Once assembled, you’ll just make a fist to complete the circuit and hold out the proper hand to signal your intent to turn.  The DIY Kit Biking Glowes is available from the onesip shop on Etsy for $33.00.  Get a couple of kits for each biker you know, so they can have some lightweight gloves for warm weather and some warmer gloves for winter.

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  • johnkes July 18, 2014, 12:58 pm

    A Maker project!

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