Brando offers wood alarm clock with Qi charging and Bluetooth speaker

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The W2 QI Wireless Charging Wood from Brando is an attractive light wood clock that features a Bluetooth speaker with A2DP and Qi Wireless charging. Just place your Qi-enabled device on top of the clock and it will be charged and ready to go when you wake up in the morning. The wood clock displays the time in digital format that also includes the ambient room temperature. It also offers an alarm feature with snooze and media controls on top. The W2 QI Wireless Charging Wood is priced at $98.

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4 thoughts on “Brando offers wood alarm clock with Qi charging and Bluetooth speaker”

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  2. I got a similar clock like that, without Qi charging, from Amazon.

    The wood part was really thin veneer, about the thickness of photograph paper. The edges were so sharp you would not want to have it around your bed as an alarm clock as if you hit them by accident you could scratch or cut yourself.

    The alarm made horrible buzzing noise.

    But possible the worst thing about that clock was that it did not have a back up battery, so if the power goes out even momentarily, the alarm won’t work as the clock is reset.

    I returned mine.

  3. @Julie Strietelmeier

    Yes, it is unfair in the absolute sense.

    However, I am pretty sure the clock is made by the same company, with Qi added. Everything appeared to be exactly the same.

    Sure, they could have improved the shell by using real furniture grade plywood and soften the corner, but the picture didn’t seem to indicate that. They could have added a back up battery without saying that in the specs, but the specs didn’t mentioned that. They could have replaced the buzz generator with a set of melodic tunes, or let you down load your own tune and use it as the alarm sound, but they didn’t mention that. So, my conclusion is that it’s the same clock with Qi added. Also, they could have make so many changes but used the same photo as the old model without Qi to save money and time, so I could be wrong there as well.

    But it I were to bet, I would feel safe to say it’s the same BT alarm clock I have with Qi added.

    By the way, the speakers sound pretty decent: not bad for a $30 clock. But at $100, I am not so sure. The way I look at it, if you want a set of small BT speakers with Qi charging with not much stereo separation, then it’s not bad.

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