Add a Bluetooth speaker to your lamp

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I have an iPad mini with Retina display, and I love everything about it except for its wimpy speaker.  I do like that it has an external speaker so I can – in theory – listen to sounds from the mini without having to plug in headphones.  In practice, I can barely hear the thing, even when I hold the mini’s speaker up to my ear like a sea shell.  I’d like to have a speaker for my bedside table that could connect via Bluetooth or even an audio cable so I’ll have a chance of hearing the mini, but I don’t really have room for even a small speaker on that small surface.  The MOCREO Wireless Portable LED Lamp Bluetooth Speaker could replace one of the two bulbs in my beside lamp and serve as both a 5W (600-800 lumens) night light and as a 10W Bluetooth speaker.  It reproduces 300-15,000 Hz sound, so it’s not high fidelity, but it has to be louder than the tiny speaker in my iPad mini.  It has an E27 base, so it fits in most standard lamp sockets.  Because it’s always screwed into a power source, you don’t have to worry about recharging batteries.  It comes with a remote to control music volume, select previous or next song, adjust light brightness, or turn the lamp off.  The MOCREO bulb is available with a white, blue, green, or pink exterior for $43.98 from Amazon.

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  2. This is interesting. The question I have is whether the light source is bright? What is the wattage rating on the bulb? Is the bulb incandescent, CF or LED? Is the light stream directed – for example the picture in the review has the bulb facing up is that the direction that the light shines?

  3. Well, as I said in the post, it’s a 5W LED light source that produces 600-800 lumens. The bulb is pointing down in the picture; the light is aimed in the direction the open end is pointing.

  4. Thank you Janet for the explanation. I see now how the bulb would work. This would be about the amount of light given off by a 60 watt incandescent correct?

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