This sound generator produces white noise or fan sounds

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If you like falling asleep to the sound of a fan but don’t want the air flow from an actual fan, the LectroFan is for you.  The LectroFan is a small white box (4.4″ X 4.4″ X 2.2″, 14 ounces) that can produce 20 masking sounds to help you sleep better.  In addition to 10 white noise settings, you can select from ten fan sounds, including an exhaust fan, oscillating fan, box fan, attic fan, and others.  It plays “completely synthesized, non–repeating sounds that do not contain the annoying blips and slight pauses found on machines using recordings.”  The sounds have the “wide range of frequencies needed to mask intrusive sounds”, like noisy neighbors, barking dogs, and other things that can disturb your sleep.  You can adjust the volume as needed, and the LectroFan can run continuously or on a timer.  It comes with a 55″ USB cable, and you can power it with a USB port on your computer or with the included USB power adapter.  The LectroFan is $49.95 at Richard|Solo.  You can also purchase a travel case for $24.95.

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