Junior doesn’t get a completely free ride anymore!

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When you have a tiny child, you can choose from a variety of ways to “wear” your child for easy carrying while keeping your hands free.  Some choose to carry their very young child in a sling, others choose a product like a Baby Bjorn.  Once your child gets big enough to walk, you lose those options.  When you’re out with your child and don’t have a stroller, you’ll have to carry her in your arms when she gets too tired to walk.  That’s great for the child, but tough on your arms.  With the NOMIS Piggyback Rider, you’ll keep your arms free and carry your child on your back.  The NOMIS fits over your back like a backpack, and there’s a chest strap to make sure it stays securely in place.  A metal bar spans your back, and your child will stand on the bar.  He’ll be attached to the NOMIS with a security strap, and there are straps over your shoulders for him to grip on to.  Being on your back gives the child a view of something other than a sea of legs, too.  The toddler carrier weighs only three pounds; it’s designed for use with children 2.5 years and older and up to 60 pounds.  The basic system is $105 and includes the carrier, one child safety harness, and one carrying bag.  The deluxe set is $125 and includes the carrier, a deluxe child safety harness that incorporates a Hydrapak hydration bladder, and a carry bag.  Go to the Piggyback Rider website to learn more and to order.

4 thoughts on “Junior doesn’t get a completely free ride anymore!”

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  2. Wow! I don’t have a child, but this seems really great. More benefits:

    Cheaper than a stroller.
    Better exercise for the care taker.
    Child doesn’t get spattered by water on the ground.
    More fun!

  3. The downside I see to this is all the weight is carried on your shoulders. I used to carry my daughter in a Kelty carrier. This had an adjustment that transferred her weight onto my hips making her much more comfortable to carry for a long period of time.

  4. I think you’d need to start out with the kid in the carrier, too. If you wait until he’s too tired to walk and wanting to be carried, he’s going to balk at having to stand on the carrier, too.

  5. Donald Schoengold

    It is great that it can carry a child up to 60 pounds except that this means that I will be carrying 63 pounds on my back. No way!!!

    Also, a child who weighs 60 pounds should be walking.

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