Toys, cosmetics, tools – they’re all in the bag!

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Lay-n-Go manufactures “innovative organizational solutions for life, play, and travel.”  These bags have drawstrings that pull the bag closed into a ball shape, so they can be carried along with your or used as a storage bag.  They come in various sizes that are small enough to hold your cosmetics or grooming supplies to keep your bathroom organized to to fit easily into your luggage for travel.  The Cosmo bag opens to a 20″ diameter and has a lip to keep your cosmetics from rolling off the counter.  It comes in solid colors and patterns for $30-35.  There’s also a Lite bag that’s 18″ and $22 for fewer cosmetics or for LEGOs or other small toys.  The Traveller is also 20″ in diameter; it’s available in black only.  It’s $30, and it’s designed for men’s toiletries or for use as a gear bag.  They also come in larger sizes that can serve as a play mat for babies or as a place to play with small toys.  When playtime is over, close up the bag into a ball with the toys inside for neat storage.  The larger bags are the Lifestyle, which opens to a 44″ diameter and costs $50, and the Large, which has a 60″ diameter and costs $65.  All sizes are available at Lay-n-Go.

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