Incase USB Mini Cable Kit


I reviewed an Incase USB Mini Cable Kit a couple of years ago, and I still like and use that kit.  (See related posts for the review.)  The problem is that I no longer have an Apple device that uses the 30-pin connector in the kit, and I don’t really need the miniUSB cable, either.  Incase still offers that same kit, but now they also offer a 4″ USB Mini Cable Kit that has replaced the miniUSB with an Apple Lightning cable.  It still includes a microUSB and the 30-pin Apple cables.  Everything is packed in a travel pouch to keep your cables organized in your desk drawer or gear bag.  The 4″ USB Mini Cable Kit is $34.95 at Incase.

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  • Philip from Australia May 29, 2014, 9:05 pm

    I bought the original kit, but just added a 30pin to lightning adaptor. Got everything that way.

    Which is handy here at work when people with older devices need a charge.


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