Add this protective, anti-static work surface to your tool kit


Where do you work when you are working with expensive computer or camera equipment or musical instruments?  When my husband is changing the strings on one of his guitars, he tries to avoid scratches by spreading out a towel on the dining table.  When he works on a computer, he just takes his chances working at the desk or dining table – which is fine for spreading out, but it doesn’t protect expensive equipment against shock.  I just ordered him the large-sized OP/TECH USA Work Mat, so he’ll have a dedicated work surface that protects against scratches, has anti-static properties to prevent damage to electronics, and has a textured, light gray surface that makes small items visible and prevents them from rolling away.  The large mat is 24″ X 42″ X 0.1″, and it rolls up and stores in a pouch for easy storage or travel.  If you don’t need a surface big enough for a guitar, Amazon also offers the OP/TECH mats in small ($5.80) and medium sizes ($7.53).  The large mat is $9.95 at Amazon.

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