Pamper your dry, itchy skin


My hands are always drier than the desert, and the skin on my knuckles is usually cracked and often bleeding.  This used to happen to me only in the winter, but it’s a year-round thing for me now.  I slather on lotion, but it’s cold and stings.  The Heated Lotion Dispenser from Sharper Image will heat up your lotion, so it will feel much more soothing to your dry, thirsty skin.  It holds 16 ounces of any lotion, and it heats it up to a soothing temperature in two minutes.  It plugs into an outlet, so you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries.  The Heated Lotion Dispenser is $39.99 at Sharper Image.

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2 thoughts on “Pamper your dry, itchy skin”

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  2. I suffered with dry hands (that cracked and bled) and skin for most of my life (I’m 54) until I tried using castile soap 4 years ago. It’s vegetable based with no harsh chemicals. You can buy at any health food store.

  3. Love love love this idea; I too have dry skin as I suffer with eczema. I know for a fact this would be so soothing especially after a bath. There’s nothing worse than being snug and warm after a bath and then having to put on freezing cold cream.
    This would be heaven for me; I wonder how warm it gets? I may have to see if I can get something like this in the UK.
    Thanks for sharing this. x

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