V-Moda becomes even more fashion conscience headphone with the XS headphone

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I have reviewed every V-MODA headphone beginning with the original Crossfade LP and each one has been a significant improvement over the previous version. The new V-MODA XS will replace the now-discontinued on-ear Crossfade M-80. The XS betters the M-80 with improved sound, military-spec (MIL-STD-810G) build quality and V–MODA’s  famous, patented CliqFold Hinge. The XS continues the V-MODA look: lots of metal with leather-covered memory foam. The XS folds into an extreme, compact shape which should make it easy to pack into a backpack or messenger bag for commuting. 


V-MODA states that 5+ years of R&D has resulted in a design that contours evenly to the shape of the head minimizing the gap between the headband and head for comfort, sound and silhouette. The XS also has the standard (for V-MODA at least) SteelFlex headband, 40mm Dual-Diaphragm Drivers, kevlar-reinforced cable, weather resistance, exoskeleton case, carabiner and 2-Year Warranty. As with other V-MODA headphones, customization is available. The V-MODA XS is on sale now for $212 (price includes customization) from their online store or $199.99 (without customization) from Amazon, Brookstone and other stores.

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