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Rite in the Rain notebooks were invented almost 100 years ago by Jerry Darling to address the problem of soggy and illegible paperwork that plagued the Pacific Northwest logging industry.  Although Mr. Darling passed away long ago, his company continues in the hands of Scott and Todd Silver, who have continued to work to improve their products. The line of Rite in the Rain hardbound and spiral-bound notebooks, loose leaf and copier/printer papers, forms, and labels are still made in Tacoma, WA.  There’s a variety of styles for use by farmers, emergency personnel, construction personnel, sportsmen, hikers, and others who work or play in extreme conditions – even for making notes while diving.  The notebooks vary in price by style and size of the notebook, but small spiral notebooks start at about $6.00.  Even if you aren’t an outdoorsman or don’t work in extreme conditions, wouldn’t you like to know that your journal would survive having your soda spilled on it?  You can view the entire line of notebooks, papers, and even special pens at the Rite in the Rain website.

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