Wally holds a few cards while piggy-backing your iPhone

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Two of the items I always have on my person (other than a religious medal and my wedding band) are my iPhone and my wallet. Since I am always looking for a way to slim down my carry, and in particular a way to combine my wallet and phone, the Wally Stick-On from Distil Union recently piqued my interest. It is essentially a slim leather single pocket wallet that adds minimal bulk by attaching to the back of your iPhone (or even some cases) with a layer of adhesive. A pull-tab allows quick access to a few cards and/or some cash. Available in black or brown and for iPhone 4/4S or 5/5S, each for $39.99. For those wanting to avoid sticking something to the back of their iPhone, there is also a Wally Case version for $49.99. Slide over to Distil Union for more info.


6 thoughts on “Wally holds a few cards while piggy-backing your iPhone”

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  2. I backed the Stick-On’s campaign in Kickstarter – lousy quality. The leather started falling off after few weeks and the ribbon stopped working.

    1. @Sweeny – Your experience isn’t normal, I hope you reached out to us to replace your Wally which clearly wasn’t made to our standards. I don’t see your info in our Backer list, will you please contact me if you’d like to give a new Wally a try: [email protected]

    1. @Andy – Thanks for your post, it’s been a while! Hope we can get Sweeny a new Wally, quality and durability haven’t been an issue. Even so, Wally Stick-On has evolved since the Kickstarter – we’d love to share the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus Wallys with you and Sweeny and Gadgeteer readers 🙂 –Lindsay

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