This bird doesn’t fly or tweet, it humidifies


Even though the seasons have just changed and it’s officially Spring time (finally!), the air is still very dry – at least it is here in Southern Indiana. Who cares if the air is dry you say. Look down at your hands, are they rough and chapped? That can be a sign of low humidity. One way to remedy the situation is with a humidifier. I’ve been thinking about adding a humidifier to my home because winters here are always very dry. I’m always getting zapped when I touch metal objects (and sometimes non-metal objects) due to static. A humidifier could help that too… The only problem is that I don’t want another appliance taking up floor space somewhere in the house. Enter the USB Bird Humidifier from Brando. This cute little bird shaped humidifier gets its power from a USB port. Just place it on the rim of a cup filled with water, press the button once for a 60 minute runtime and twice for 30 minutes and you’ll soon enjoying moisturizing steam. This USB gadget is priced at $24. Visit Brando for more info.

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