mBack de-clutters your iMac’s desk space


Running low on desk space due due to that external hard drive, cables and other clutter? Check out the mBack from mLogic, a “Zero-Footprint Hard Drive for iMac and Apple Displays.” Designed to attach to the circular cutout in the display stand of an Apple iMac or Apple display via a threaded cap, the mBack connects via a short cable to the USB port and is bus-powered, so no desk-cluttering AC power adapter or cable is required. Combined with Apple’s automated Time Machine software, the mBack provides an out of sight, out of mind solution for keeping your hard drive backed up. And its styling is visually consistent with the iMac’s as well—that is, in case you ever need to look at it again.  Pricing starts at 500GB $79.99, 1TB $149.99 and 2TB $249.99. Visit mLogic for more info.

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  • DStaal March 8, 2014, 7:06 pm

    So… We’re going to de-clutter by blocking the power cord’s designed path?

  • Andy Jacobs March 11, 2014, 9:56 am

    @DStaal – Go to the mBack page at the mLogic site and have look at the photos. They have provided a design feature to address this.

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